Hi All!

Long time no blog! So sorry, I promise to be better. It is quite hard this blogging malarkey, you wonder if anyone is really interested in what I have to say? Plus the time it takes. We run our business ourselves, with the little folk about, so usually we are lucky if we get 2 hours in the morning whilst they are at preschool and the time from their bedtime to our bedtime, so to say we are flat out, is a HUGE understatement!So what has sparked this sudden decision to write something? Well, exactly the above. We LOVE our kids to bits, and juggle our life around them so we can be home with them and I would not change it for the world, but I HATE myself if I am snippy with them because I just need 10 minutes to respond to an enquiry or make a phone call. It got the hubster thinking, then he had a moment of clarity! When we were on holiday, we were never snippy with them! It is the NEED to be getting on with something that causes it. It is a shame as they are just little and having fun and want us to be part of that fun, they do not understand we have to respond to something or check our facebook messages etc all in the aim of providing a good service. Sometimes we say ‘no’ to their requests, and imagine how free we would feel if we said yes? Where would that take our day… ? Could we handle it?

So the hubster suggested let’s have a ‘YES’ day… let’s say YES to anything they ask (as long as it is not dangerous!). How liberating would it be? Not to think of the to do list, to go with the flow, to indulge their crazy imaginative desires. So we are doing it! Tomorrow 28th July will be our first ‘YES’ day.

We are not telling them, they have no clue, we feel if they did know it would be dangerous and we would be bankrupt! I feel all kind of nervous and excited about it. I will have a day which I totally indulge them, say ‘yes’ to any request and stop and savour them. So tomorrow if I am sitting looking at emails and they come and say ‘mummy can you stop now and come and play’ no matter what I am doing I will say ‘YES!’ I will clear my mind of all the pressures and things to be done. Surely I can do that for one entire day without things going wrong and just enjoy the craziness of childhood and go with the flow!

Things I imagine I will have to say yes to include, but the list is too long to put on here:

‘ Can I have a biscuit for breakfast?’ … YES!

‘Can I stay up late?’..YES!

‘Can I go and play at X’s house but wear my pyjama’s and eat foamy banana’s?… YES!

To be honest.. who knows! But I am going to enjoy every second of it !

I have to apologise to any friend in advance, we may turn up and now you know why! I usually don’t like to descend on people unannounced!

I will report back how we got on and if it goes well, then we will be doing it again, we will book another YES day and then perhaps some of you guys can join us and share what crazy things you got up to!