Ok so you all know pretty much that Denise Van Outen tweeted about Gumigem, which was pretty amazing, no scrub that, utterly amazing!

In subsequent tweets unprompted she said she would write about it in her Prima Baby column. I was chuffed to see this, but did not totally beleive it would actually happen. Granted I had everything crossed, fingers, toes, legs and eyes. But I knew there was a chance it might not happen. So I tried to push it to the back of my mind and crack on with life. I then received an urgent call asking for high res images ASAP, from Prima baby! I must have sounded like a stuttering fool on the phone! It was now starting to sink in! Little old me and my crazy idea had not only been tweeted by the lovely DVO but she thought that much of it, she really was going to put it in her column. I was on cloud 9! Is there a cloud 10? Does it have to stop at 9?

Anyway, the lovely ladies at Prima Baby magazine were exceptionally nice and I gushed my thanks to them all. But now I had a long wait… not out until March 17th, it felt like forever! As the days went by I suddenly realised… hang on! I have absolutely no idea what she is going to write! What if it was awful! But being rational she would not have tweeted her tweet if she had not liked it. So I remained calm.

Then last saturday one of my antenatal freinds text me, she subscribes and had got her hands onher April issue early! She dutifully emailed me some pics and I read the text with utter glee! This is what it says….


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK not a lot of detail, but enough! Its not just in her favourite things this month, its ranked No.1!! I cannot really ask for much more than that!

Now one thing I have to keep checking myself on is my own grip on reality. DVO is NOT my real friend! I wish she was because she seems so lovely and what she has done is amazing. Something that took her so little time but has meant the world to me! But I dont know her personally, I am likely never to meet her. So when I speak to my husband about when we are in London we will go and see Denise and catch up… its not real. When I think about phoning her to thank her for everything she has done I realise I dont have her number! I have always struggled with this, convinced Jason Donovan was my mate and Ant and Dec. Anyway i digress!

I posted at the time ‘will this change everything?’. The answer is firmly yes! Whilst I am not making my millions, my presence in the market is far greater and I now have people approaching me!

The DVO tweet led to the local paper covering me and from there some local independents have enquired, plus the number of stores drop shipping for me has increased too! Along with the traditional traffic and sales to my own site! Not wanting to give the game away at this stage there are some VERY exciting things about to happen. I will let you know as soon as I do, but a small hint for one is that this week i had an email from a publication beginning with V! So watch this space and if you are a proud owner of a GUMIGEM, then know that you are a trend setter!