Why I didn’t want a home birth

This is us

I have 2 boys, and both were born by c section, scheduled c sections, due to severe SPD (a pregnancy related hip condition) and a couple of giant babies.

With my first, my husband and I discussed home birth. Here’s how that conversation went…

Me: What do you think of home birth?
Steve: I’m not sure. What do you think?
Me: Couldn’t want anything less.
Steve: Okay, hospital birth it is.

That was it. That was the whole conversation.


Our story 

It was, at this point, nearly 4 years since we began trying to start a family. We were pregnant for the 5th time, but were still a childless couple.

After years of infertility and recurrent miscarriage, our confidence in my body was limited, to say the least. Our belief that this pregnancy would result in a baby was practically nonexistent.

I wanted to be as close to help as possible when we gave birth, if, indeed, we would be lucky enough to get that far. Whilst our baby was in my body, I felt he was at risk, and I desperately wanted to hand over control to someone more capable than I was at producing a healthy child.


My perception of home birth

When I thought of home birth, I saw flashing red lights, heard sirens, and imagined all the worst outcomes. I imagined the question, ‘Would he have survived if we’d given birth in hospital?’ spinning around in my head.

The reality of home birth is far different from the risky, terror-inducing, experience I imagined, however, with the vast majority of home births being completely successful, and women being significantly less likely to need additional interventions during or after labour.


A change of heart

Since having my first son, I’ve become more and more intrigued by home birth. I’ve heard of the healing women have felt having a home birth following a previous traumatic hospital birth, the comfort felt in being in your own environment, and the empowerment experienced in being given time and freedom to allow your body to do exactly as it was designed to do without any expectations or policies.

If our situation was different, a home birth would definitely have captured my interest. But, as it isn’t, I shall listen, with great interest and admiration, to all those who talk about their incredible experiences.

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