Top Tips for Christmas

From the 1st December we shall see a change in the way we behave, perhaps getting a little manic over the run up to Christmas.  We all just want to create that magic on the special day and then ‘poof’ its over.  Having a new-born creates a different atmosphere, a wonderful but very different atmosphere.  We will all set new family traditions but here are some handy tips that I hope will come in useful:

Write a budget and present list before you shop – this will eliminate silly buys which, with a baby brain, are bound to happen.  This will also ensure only making one trip to the selected shops instead of ‘Gosh I have forgotten to get that book for Stella!’ and racing around with time you can’t afford.

Create a Visitor’s plan for unexpected guests who you just know will want to pop in for a quick cuppa and to see your baby.  If you don’t and they appear this will most definitely lead to stress!

A great way to spend an evening with your girl friends and eliminate the tedious processes of writing out Christmas cards is invite them over for wine and nibbles (see create a visitor’s plan) Gorgeous bottle of Red (The Black Pig is a favourite of mine) get your girlies to bring a nibble and before the night is through the task is complete and you have had a quality night with good friends.

There is no need to cram all your Christmas get togethers in the month of December, lets face it, it is one of the fastest moving months – spread out the festivities to January even, I certainly have.  Wine Club, as its known, is hooking up mid January when the madness is over and the ‘high’ has evaporated.  Its great to look forward to something and let’s face it you deserve it.

And lastly remember to relax and take some time for yourself.  It is essential that you take time out, even from the little one and find a quiet space.  Enjoy a relaxing bath and pick up a book for half an hour to find a little peace.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Image by Erkillen5