Top 3 Tips for Surviving Christmas with a Toddler

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Is this your little one’s first Christmas or the first Christmas that they will remember or (partially) understand?  You’ve made lists, you bought everything and it’s wrapped and ready for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve … what could possibly go wrong?

With these 3 tips hopefully nothing!

1. Building presents

Before you wrap the present see what building may be involved first, there is nothing worse than your little one opening a present and then it taking 3 hours to build!! They can’t wait for 3 hours – they just can’t! Build it up and stash it somewhere (if you have room) if not build it on Christmas Eve and wrap it ready for morning.

2. Batteries

You can never have enough batteries.  People will buy gifts that require batteries and it’s very rare that batteries are included.  Imagine your little one’s face when they open an amazing present that requires batteries and you don’t have any! Our advice is buy a selection and that way you are covered.  Also when buying gifts for other people children, if it requires batteries it’s always good to include the with the gift.

3. Food, Sleep & Routine

It’s Christmas just let it go.  The kids will be so pumped up and excited it’s not worth getting stressed over.  You may be lucky enough to keep to your routine over the holidays, but if you’re one of the many of us that can’t don’t worry you are not alone.

Finally have fun and enjoy it … it’s Christmas!