‘Yes Day’ – The verdict!

So it was a bit nerve wracking this morning, waiting to see how the day might unfold! But exciting too!…….

For those that have not read the last post, today was about saying YES to all our childrens requests!

In all the day went well and I would definitely do it again, it was fab just to cease everything and focus solely on them. But I was not perfect despite trying to be!

The day started with a ‘Can I have a biscuit for breakfast?’ they ask this every morning and obviously we say no, but today we said yes! Their little faces lit up, but looked a little puzzled too… like.. Really?

The ‘the boy’ wanted to go into the garden to check progress on his pirate ship that the hubster is currently building him (by the way he says its for the little one, but it is really for him!). But it was chucking it down! And about 7.30am! Out of courtesy to our neighbours, we usually don’t allow them out until a little later in the morning, because like all children, they are noisy! And he wanted to go out in his PJ’s no coat or shoes, I would not usually have a problem with that, but given the weather… my head was screaming NO! But we said yes!

The ‘the moo’ decided she NEEDED lip balm and could we go NOW to the shops to get some! What a totally random request. She wanted to wear an Andy Pandy style flimsy summer outfit and he choice his pirate costume and asked for a red painted beard! So that is how we ended up in tesco about 8.15am, searching for lip balm, with a girl dressed for the Australian beach and a boy as a pirate and two bleery eyed, slightly scared looking adults! The hubster and I carefully steered our way through the aisles, successfully avoiding the toy section, or else we would have been in BIG trouble! One thing that was AMAZING, was we went past the magazines, my two LOVE them! Mainly attracted by the toy on the front and they asked if they could have one each. TO which we had to say YES! Then the boy asked if he could have another with a different toy on it… YES! (oh no I am thinking inside, we are going to end up buying the entire magazine rack!). He picked it up, studied them both and then off his own back said ‘No mummy it is too much, I will just get this one!’ Wow, proud mummy moment, both my wallet and heart heaved a sigh of relief! So we escpaped Tesco with 2 magazines, lip balm and 2 happy children.


THE MOO – Lip balm and Magazine toy!

As soon as we got back, ‘the boy’ wanted to go back out to his pirate ship, to hang up a poster from the pirate magazine he got. They both wanted to draw on the insides of the walls of this lovingly constructed pirate ship. This kind of request would usually have got a no, but today.. yes! And to be honest, why the hell not!


THE BOY – Pirate poster – pre wall drawing above

playing pirates below


Then ‘the moo’ announced she wanted sausages to eat. We didn’t have any so off she and I went in the car to the garage and picked up sausages, bacon, the works plus 2 iced cup cakes she insisted upon! She was close to sussing it all out. She just kept giving me an odd look. My heart kind of sank a bit, do I really say NO that often? And what I do say NO to… is it really that important. Have I done what I said I would never do and overuse it?

So we got home and had a scrummy cooked family breakfast, followed by them taking themselves off to play!

They had not sussed it and played for ages. They did not ask for anything else, meanwhile I am sat twiddling my thumbs, not wanting to get too into work for fear of having to drop it all. I was kind of bored. So we asked them what they wanted to do today! ‘The Moo’ screamed… the cinema, the cinema!! And YOU have to come daddy! Well I just about fell on the floor laughing with joy! The hubster has not set foot in a cinema for about a decade, he hates them! It is his worst nightmare (yes he is weird!) But a ‘yes’ day is a ‘yes’ day! So we booked to see Despicable me 2 and off we went. It was brilliant! Plus the hubster has realised it is not that bad after all!


How funny they found the fact Daddy was coming to the cinema!

The rest of the afternoon was mainly just pottering at home, doing what they asked when they asked for it, like ‘can you play with me mummy?’ and instead of saying ‘in 5 minutes’, we did it! I was starting to get tired now and did occasionally say no, when I should have said yes! It’s made me think about the language I use, how I prioritise my time, and see that somethings don’t really matter. But it has been a great learning experience and just lovely to take time out and focus on them.

6851592 6851610

THE MOO – setting up her shop, one of her fav games! & The boy pottering on his half made ship!

My fear is tomorrow, when ‘no’ has to come back again!

So will we do a yes day again? Oh Yes!