The Power of women, my first birth

The energy in the room was incredible, electric yet peaceful.

Time had slowed down, like the world had to stand still to allow another life into it. I looked at this new life’s mother, power surging through her, I have never seen strength like this, primal strength, the strength a lioness has for her cubs. There was a softness too her. Then there was life.
I had always wondered what my first birth as a doula would feel like. If I truly was made for this? My one and only goal was to always ensure the mother new I believed in her. She can do this, she’s always been able to do this. We have worked together so she knows her rights and can feel confident in her choices, decisions and anything that may be thrown at her. The preparation, getting my doula bag ready and my children’s bags, putting together phone number lists for my husband and always having my phone with me, the anticipation and excitement was killing me!
When the time came the excitement almost ripped me in half. When I arrived I took a few minutes in the taxi to breathe deeply and get myself centered, preparing myself for being privileged to be a part of their experience. Rushes were hitting the mother quickly, the focus in her face was admirable, and she was surrendering and allowing her body to work. Guided by her I applied pressure to her lower back and spoke to her softly. A speedy car journey to hospital soon followed, mama appeared to be moving into transition, and giving into transition staying low and calm during each rush, I am a wimp by comparison.The look of euphoria in her face when she was finally able to sink into the birth pool was a testament to its power. Full dilation.  Through it all it felt like the three of us were unified. Dad and me protecting her space and mother working with her body to bring baby down. The moments leading up to her delivering her baby will stay with me forever. There is so much beauty in birth. When mama lifted her baby into her arms out of the water, it was time for me to move back, this is their moment, her moment.
Afterwards, as baby snuggled into mum for a feed, sitting on the floor enjoying the calm and relaxing chat with her was one of my favourite moments. I felt so blessed.
I went for a break and called my mother and cried.
I could never do anything else.
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