The many uses of the Bath Bag

It is no wonder our bath bag is one of our most popular products... it is truly awesome! Why? I hear you cry... its just a bath toy... but oh no... it is so so much more!

Let me tell you...

- The bag comes with 4 brightly coloured toys - but what makes these different to other bath toys is they are solid. So they sink! This means baby learns about spatial awareness and depth and has to put their hands under the water to get them.

- Babies LOVE putting things in and out of a bag... so they can have lots of fun doing this.

- The Bag has drainage holes, so they can make a shower with the bag or use it to pour over babies head.

- It comes with a suction hook - great for hanging to allow it to drain AND keeps your bathroom tidy... nice!

- Because the toys are solid, they cannot be used as a squirty toy... that means no wet bathroom floor but MORE importantly, NO nasty black gunk that builds up with squeezable bath toys.


It is not JUST for the bath.... its a toy in its own right, each toy has slits so can be used with a toy saver and put on a pram or a buggy.

Its perfect for teething as it's our usual high quality soft silicone, which helps with the pain of teething and of course is totally none toxic.

Each toy has different textures and nubs for sensory input.

It is SMALL and compact... people have loved taking it on a plane as a toy for baby and then use it on the beach while on holiday. And because it is silicone... it can be cleaned so easily in a dishwasher, hot soapy water or a steriliser.

And it does not stop there... take it to the local pool for hours of fun!

In August 2017 we are offering 20% off this fab toy... so grab it now... before it sells out!