The Hour – Live TV!

Followers of the Gumigem story will be aware that this Thursday 14th April, I will be live on Scottish television!

The show is called The Hour and for those who don’t get Scottish television, its on every weekday night at 5pm. It’s a bit like The One Show and Michelle McManus is one of the presenters (the Scottish girl who won the xfactor a few years back!). Its been months in the making, I got a call almost immediately after we appeared in the local paper in February.

I can recall the phone call as if it was yesterday. I actually started physically shaking while talking to the researcher who wanted to know more about the Gumigem story and decide whether it was a possible item for the show. I actually came off thinking it was a hoax call and it was not until the following week when it was confirmed that the penny started to drop! They wanted to do a feature with 2 other mums who had ‘invented’ something baby related. So I knew it was happening but then had a long, long wait while they researched and invited others to join me on the sofa with Michelle McManus. I was fit to burst, but was so scared it might not come off. I posted a hint of something exciting on Facebook and immediately regretted it. I felt like I had built up the mystery so much that when people found out it would be a big let down. I don’t think it has been, its not everyday a friend or someone you know is on live TV!

So I had the date confirmed finally, a few weeks back now. I will be sharing the experience with the lady who created the breathable cot bumper and a daddy who has come up with what sounds like a god send for those who choose to bottle feed. A bottle that can get to the right temperature all by itself! I have to confess that next to them, Gumigem seems a bit like the poor relation, but I am chuffed to be in such esteemed company!

So it is set for Thursday, I have to arrive at the studio at 3.30pm, get a quick makeup touch up and then a walkthrough of what might happen. But I guess with it being live anything can happen! I don’t know exactly when between 5 and 6 we will be on, but I do know it is not for long, a few minutes each, then job done. I think that will be long enough.

They want me to take Miller along too, the other people have to bring their child as well. I guess this is the bit I am MOST nervous about. The little dude likes routine and this is THE worst time of his day. He is exhausted and starving! Tired and hungry Miller = screaming Miller! So I will have to work in a late nap and stuff him with food before going on. For that I will need several back up outfits for him as he is such a messy eater. He is also drooling for Britain again (not that he ever stopped!) so his top could easily be drenched in approximately two minutes (trust me I am not exaggerating, its fact!) He is also well and truly on his feet and does not do well sitting for any length of time. I would imagine with the lights and cameras he will be off like a shot and playing about with the electrics! So if you are watching and the entire network crashes, this could be the cause. Perhas the answer is to coat my Gumigem in some jam to encourage him to sit nicely! Also as with all children, Miller also has a terrible habit of getting ill or having some kind of drama at the wrong moment, this would be the wrong moment.

So the next dilemma is, what do you wear? Obviously it has to be something that will show off my Gumigem. But I have been told, no checks, no spots, no stripes, no black. Black is my entire wardrobe! So in a panic I went shopping yesterday and bought, new jeans, white trousers, a coral causal dress, a coral top, a blue top. Ho hum… which one to go with! It was hard finding those as everything seems to be floral! I don’t want to be too casual, I don’t want to be too business like, and I don’t want to be too glam. I want to portray, stylish but real world mummy. I guess a real world mummy with a child like mine would not wear white! But I like the trousers and it would make me feel a bit smarter. Apparently the camera adds ten pounds, so white maybe not the best idea. I definitely do not need to look bigger than I am!I wonder if I ask them to film from the neck up only, whether they would consider it? Might be worth a bash.

At this point, I don’t know what they will ask me, I guess I will get some kind of heads up on the day. So I am trying to imagine what they might ask and get some idea of what my response will be. It’s such a fabulous opportunity I need to be snappy and succinct. But I don’t want to be too rehearsed as it will look unnatural and if they ask me something I am not expecting it could through me.

I have quite a vivid imagination, so I will just employ the tact that Michelle is my mate and so are Mike and the Mechanic (they’re on that night too!) and we are just chilling in Michelle’s house having a chat about Gumigem. Hmmmm I can see a wee pint of beer in that picture, would that be a good plan? Might loosen me up, make me feel more at home. I will think about that.

I am actually not that nervous … yet, I occasionally get a stomach flip moment when someone says they will be watching. I am trying not to think of anyone watching, I am after all just going for a few drinks with my old chum Michelle in her house.

Whatever happens, I promise to report back after the event. For those who are interested, and don’t have STV you can watch it on STV player (google it) and then search The Hour. I also hope to take some iphone video footage which I will put on the old Gumigem TV channel on YouTube too! But I guess this may not be allowed. But I am sure I can sneak a few photos! May even be able to Tweet and Facebook them just before I go on! Then again, my mind might be elsewhere! I just hope going through this delivers what we hope and dream for which is to take Gumigem to the next level.

So please think of me Thursday, send me positive vibes and may the Gods of happy babies, succinct impactful words and skinny thighs be with me!x