The First Tooth Cut is the Hardest

Something that pretty much every expectant parent dreads is teething. Admit it mums and dads, how many times have you been at a loss as to what’s wrong with your little one and asked them in despair – despite them often being too young to answer – “is it your teeth?!”. Yep, teething’s a real pain in the bum, whoops, I mean, gum! Pain in the gum!!

I say it’s a pain in the gum, but Mr and Mrs Lighty can’t really speak from experience. Most babies gain their first milk teeth between 5 and 10 months, normally their lower two front teeth – the lower central incisors, if we’re going to be all technical about this – first. But of course, Baby Lighty isn’t most babies. Nope, Baby Lighty has managed to get to almost a year before his first tooth started to make a teensy, tiny, toothy little bit of an appearance. Yep, a whole year with that beautiful gummy smile that Mr Lighty and I have come to know and love!

Image Bryan Anthony

It was quite a shock today, therefore, to see the first signs of a tooth making its appearance. We’ve waited so long for a tooth that we often said we’d be worried that he wouldn’t look like our little boy anymore once his smile changed, as we’d become so accustomed to his toothless grin. Not only that, but suddenly the very smiley Baby Lighty had become super grouchy and very out of sorts in comparison to usual! Ah, so this is what all of those parents are talking about, this is why teething is a pain in the gums…

All of a sudden it was all systems go on the teething equipment front: teething granules, teething gel and baby paracetemol at the ready – just in case we needed it – and of course as many teether toys and accessories as we could get our hands on stocked up in the fridge. In some ways we’d been ready and waiting for this forever: when Baby Lighty started picking up toys and putting them in his mouth at 6 weeks old, we thought a tooth was en route, but as it turns out he’s just very good at using his hands, and wasn’t actually helping a tooth to come through. Those plastic toys sure are tasty!

Image The Lamb Family

Ooh and didn’t we need to buy a toothbrush now that there was a tooth?! Now this was all new territory for Mr and Mrs Lighty! And Mrs Lighty definitely wasn’t prepared for the emotional territory that comes with teething. Baby Lighty would happen to decide to start growing a tooth two days before his first birthday cake smash, just when I was so used to seeing his beautiful gummy smile and wanted to preserve that little bit of babyhood forever with a set of professional photographs. I’m not ashamed to admit that photo or no photo, I’ve shed a tear or two today for what seems to be the last signs of my little baby disappearing into toddlerhood.   So when people talk about how difficult teething is, I’m guessing they don’t just mean for the baby.

That first tooth cut is definitely the hardest… 

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