The boy turns 1!

I know everyone says it when their baby turns 1, but how the hell did that happen?

I am truly gobsmacked! In some respects it seems an age ago when I first held the little slimy wriggler. But I will never forget it! Just as I will never forget the first time I held my daughter, now two and a half!

Its hard though now looking at him to remember how small he was. We had a really rough first year, plagued with illness. We nearly lost him at birth, then he got ecoli and then meningitis. So in many ways I am glad the last year has flown by and thrilled and relieved to see he is right on track developmentally, which will always now be a worry. In fact he is ahead of some of his peers, walking like a trooper he is. Who’d have thought that from a baby that was so troubled. Who’d have thought a big 9Llb 5 oz newborn would encounter trouble? Not I! You kind of think after the birth all is ok, happy healthy baby.

I do feel I was robbed of the first 10 months of his life. It was so worrying and stressful, but things have calmed down and my heart fills and swells to look at him, never for a minute forgetting how lucky we are to have him here. Even though he can be irritating! He has a temper, but its funny to see, he just get so frustrated and angry if he is not allowed something. But I am just relieved to be worrying about the normal mum stuff! Like why has he only got three teeth and he is one! Why is he developing a nasty 5.30am wake up habit!

Quite frankly, who cares, he can get away with anything! Happy birthday little dude! xxxx