Teachers Tips for Starting Nursery

Starting nursery is an exciting time for children and apprehensive for parents.

Three year olds are entitled to 15 hours free nursery sessions.

Some 2 year old are entitled to free sessions depending on parents financial circumstances. NOT all nursery schools take 2 year olds.

Most Nursery schools do a home visit in during the first week of school term.  Here the Nursery teacher will talk to your child, asking questions and asking your child to do some simple tasks. Usually the teaching assistant will come too and talk to the parent, filling in information about the child and giving a booklet with relevant information.

Images by Barney Moss

Important points to note

1. Times of Nursery sessions (they may not be the same as school times).

2. Times nursery staff are available to talk to you.

3. Names of nursery staff and in particular the person in charge of your child.

4. If your child has any medical needs, dietary needs, special needs make sure the nursery staff and school are aware of this.

5. Give nursery staff names of people bringing and picking your child up.

6. Give your contact details to staff and who to contact if your child is ill.

7. School uniform can be ordered at school or purchased in school colours from most main stores which can be more reasonably priced.

8. Label school uniform; shoes, coats, pe kit, hats, gloves, wellies ..

9. Buy clothing & shoes your child can easily get on and off independently.

10. Tie child’s hair back or up (every school is a thriving place for head lice).

11. Book bags can be purchased in school.

12. Put money in an envelope with child’s name and class for snack, juice etc

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How Can you prepare your child for Nursery?

1. Talk about nursery in a positive way.

2. Talk about the staff in nursery using names.

3. Let your child try uniform on – practise makes perfect!

4. Aim to have your child toilet trained.

5. Encourage child to leave you happily and confidently.