Spring..save us please!

Last weekend reminded me of how good a little sunshine can be! Having been stuck indoors for months with wind, rain and snow a little sunshine came to Dundee and we had a lovely afternoon…..

I have always been more of a winter person pre children. I love the cold crisp mornings, walks in the rain and hiding in cosy jumpers. Since having two children I am slowly realising that summer is better. I have always disliked the heat, its easier to warm up than cool down in my opinion. The good weather brings out a whole host of bizarre and unsavoury characters, dressed in all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Winter is more heart warming.

However this last winter has been tough and it was not until last Saturday I realised how tough it has been. We don’t have the luxury of grandparents living near by, so we never get a break, not even for half an hour! Everything we do has the kids in tow and when its cold its so much harder. Apart from the usual hassle of fighting with a two year old that thinks a sun hat and pants is appropriate attire for a rainy February’s day, it’s the combination of having one able child who can run, climb and play with ease and a 1 year old who still likes to put everything in his mouth and sit where he likes. Plus the little lad gets colder as he’s not as on the go as his big sis. I recall just after Christmas when we had the big snowfall. Maisie was desperate to be out in the snow with the kids from the street, so hubby and I took it in turns. One stuck in with little lad who was looking out the window longingly and grumping because he was not out there, but when we took him out 10 mins later he was cold and screaming, so back in we come to endure the same frustrated long looks and moans from the window! Perhaps its just a bloke thing, never happy!

So the winter months have been consumed with soft play hell, trying to hook up with friends for play dates, although that never seems to pan out and driving miles across the country for a granny visits, just for something other to do than be indoors or at a soft play joint. The money we have spent in those places over the winter is crazy. Perhaps child benefit should go up over the winter months to compensate! Might put that forward to number 10, hmmmm then again! Don’t get me wrong, I love being indoors too. You can do lots of crafty things, but after months my ideas are running out and my two little people don’t have a great attentions span being so young. You can see they are as stir crazy as us!

So last Saturday offered me hope. It was cold, but sunny, we all wrapped up and toddled around the garden. Only for about an hour, but it was bliss. The little dude, now firmly capable on his feet, loved it! Being a February baby and walking for a few months now, he had only ever had the chance to walk about and discover inside, so outside was a world of fun for him. I was able to watch from the kitchen window sipping a coffee and occasionally run out to pick him up from a flower bed or remove a pile of mud he was trying to eat from his sticky little hands The two of them giggled and explored, hubby and I joined in on and off.Maisie was delighted and amused to see her little bro walking about and doing silly things outside. I Loved being part of it and joining in, but also loving standing back and just watching them discover and learn and embrace outside. I now find myself longing for spring. Just to do simple outdoor things, feeding the ducks, walking down to see the sheep and the cows, pottering in the garden pretending flowers are dinosaurs (don’t ask!). So come on spring, please hang about and take us blissfully into summer.