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It seems like a heart beat ago that the idea struck me, while lugging my teething baby around and diverting his attention from biting me, as he frantically looked to relieve the aching in his gums. That was in 2010, and it is hard to fathom just how far this business has come and how many satisfied babies and parents we have across the globe.

We have learned so many things over the years and our product has evolved and will continue to morph as we strive to meet the needs of our community. One thing that has not changed and never will, is our commitment to our customers and product safety.

You can be certain with Gumigem, that even though we are now a global brand, we have done everything we can to protect our ‘homegrown’ feel, and this means all the people who take on Gumigem in different countries across the world are also Mums and Dad’s, meaning you can at a click of a button or by lifting the phone, talk to someone, someone who has not only been there with a baby, but who also cares about our products, meaning you get a personalized service. These same people input into our designs, ensuring that our brand is always developed with Mum in mind.

Over the years we have seen many more brands hit the market, but what sets us apart is our service, quality and safety. We know we have the best product on the market, with a lot of thought put into each and every design.

We have, in 2016 evolved our line even further to give you all extra peace of mind, and to stand out from the traditional line of beaded items. We have gone chunky… but funky… making sure we keep mum on trend, but with baby safety at the forefront of our designs. As a result we have stepped away from beaded designs in favor of design elements which EXCEED current safety standards.

We only use the highest quality medical grade silicone, it is a natural element and ecofriendly, as well as being washable. Most importantly it is tested post production to ensure there are no nasty’s, so, no BPA, no lead, no latex or phthalates. We design each piece to ensure each element is large enough not to pass through a choke tube in the unlikely even it becomes detached from the cord. However, we must firmly state, that as with ALL silicone teething necklaces, they must ONLY be worn by an adult and baby must ONLY interact with the necklace when worn by an adult.  They must never be left unattended, due to the long cord (they are necklaces, not toys after all, I am sure you would not give them any other necklace, so don’t give them these) as it poses a strangulation risk. Bangles on the other hand are suitable as an independent teether from birth.

All our items are designed in Scotland and responsibly made in China.

Our clothing range has also been tested to the highest standards:

All our Babygrows are made of 100% cotton and our printing has been tested for irritants. We have had our items tested in an independent Uk testing house for the following : Physical and mechanical hazards – BS EN14682, BS 7907/PD CEN/TR 16792 as well as PH tests, PVC and formaldehyde content.

Our hoodies do have a PVC past to protect the light and sound element of our designs, but these have been checked and like all our clothing are phthalate free.

Please check the label of all garments for specific washing instructions.

Please also note our light up Tu-tu's contain batteries which pose a risk to young children, if ingested. The battery pack can be found in a little pouch attached to the inside of the waist, but is covered with fabric making it hard for little ones to access.  The battery pack itself can have the battery inserted or changed by pushing the battery draw unit on the edge with something flat so it opens on the other side.  Then insert the two batteries one on top of the other, flat side down. It takes 2 x CR2025 batteries (INCLUDED). Please ensure the unit is closed properly after changing batteries to prevent children from accessing the unit as batteries can pose substantial risk if ingested.

Safety certificates and further information is available on request, just drop us an email at or give us a call on 01382-581057, but be warned….you might hear our small people in the background too! We employ a flexible team who juggle work and family life, something else we feel strongly about!