Our Story

Soft, Flexible, Non-Toxic, Washable, Chewable Silicone Teething Products, Toys & Clothing


Our Vision


Jenny launched Gumigem in December 2010 having found a gap in the UK market and experiencing teething to the max with her second child Miller.

Jenny has continued to take inspiration from her children and now has added some quirky clothing, teething toys and weaning products to the range, with many more ideas and products planned for development.

Our  product vision is to provide modern solutions to the age old problem of teething, and other parenting challenges, with funky and chunky jewellery as well as innovative teething toys that babies will adore. Our dream is to make GUMIGEM® a household name in teething and baby related toys, and products.

Our company vision is to create an organsiation that offers true family friendly working conditions. Allowing people to choose a career that really fits around family or their life choices. A company that operates from a position of trust rather than blame and guilt. The dream is to offer remote working opportunities that have a fixed salary with no set working hours and no annual leave entitlement. You work and take time off as needed, their only ask, is that what you have been tasked with is completed within a certain timeframe. They believe giving people responsibility and tasks to be completed and being trusted to do it, will in return create a dedicated and loyal work force where there is give and take on both parts and by doing that, you will get more out of people than in a traditional employment setting.


Our Products

GUMIGEM® is a UK based family run business who produce silicone jewellery, silicone teething toys, aimed to provide mummy with a stylish accessory that baby can also entertain their hands with. With a variety of stylish designs, and a full range of colours to choose from, you're certain to find a GUMIGEM ®  to suit you in our online shop.

The jewellery is made from silicone (like you would find a dummy teat, teething toy or baby spoon to be made of) , so is soft and flexible. Our silicone meets the required standards and is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free. For more information on our commitment to safety view our Safety & FAQs page.

GUMIGEM ® can withstand high temperatures, be easily washed in hot water or placed in the dishwasher. The necklaces come on a long cord, so there is plenty of reach for baby, and for extra comfort and safety, each necklace has a breakaway clasp. A thoughtful gift for new mummies, adorable aunties and gorgeous grannies!

GUMIGEM ® products are designed in the UK by Jenny and her team and manufactured between our UK and Chinese factories. They accommodate both the mum's need to be stylish and a baby's tendency to grab and chew on things.  The market is now filled with silicone teething jewellery, which proves its a viable concept that provides a function as well as fun, to those with teething babies.

We know and support many of the other brands, who are, after all, just families, like us trying to make their way in the world  and the market is plenty big enough for us all to have a slice of the pie!

At Gumigem we are grateful for each and every sale.  We are the longest established UK teething jewellery company and have a wealth of design experience. We keep up to date with safety and legislation to ensure we bring you the safest products possible. Since Easter 2015 we decided to step away from smaller beaded lines, in favour of chunkier design elements. This is a direct result of the Australian standards... that is, if it has the word 'teething ' in the product and is intended for that, then Australia say the parts must be large enough not to fit through a choke tube and pass their test, that makes sense to us! All our products since then and future designs will be in line with this as we see it as the most robust standard. This is not an EU or UK requirement, but we want to be the very safest we can be.

Our range of teething toys are not just great teethers but also assist with physical development such as hand eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, colours, mood and role play.

Our clothing range combines fun and function. Integrated outfits in the ease of a babygrow, inspired by her own children's love of dressing up.