Night nappies or night terrors?

As well as having a teething baby, I also have a two and a half year old, who for the last 2 months has been dry in the day! Hooray! Apart from the occasional accident when she is excited or distracted….

I wonder when you take the plunge and take them out of nappies at night? I had always thought wait, but having spoken to a few folk, there seems to be a big divide in opinion.

Option 1 – keep them in until they are quite a bit older and the nappy is consistently dry in the morning.

Option 2 – just go the whole hog and do it all at once! Some feel its confusing for them being allowed a nappy at night.

The thought of adding to any sleepless nights with bed changing , quite frankly puts the fear of God into me! However ‘the moo’ as we call her HATES getting her nappy on at night and does seem to be mostly dry in the morning!

So call us insane, we are doing it! She is currently tucked up in bed with no nappy, protective sheet in place. Potty by her bed just in case and under strict instructions to do it in the potty and go straight back to bed, quietly! So we will see what happens. We have not used a potty until now, as we went straight for the toilet option, but she is too little to climb up all by herself and I am fearful the walk along the corridor would wake her up too much! So until she can get on and off herself and gets used to getting up in the night for a wee wee but then going straight back to bed. Its a potty in her room.

So we will see how it goes! Perhaps the nappies will be back on tomorrow night!! But whatever happens I am certain a few night time sheet changes will be required!