Meet the Team

We really are a family run unit! So we thought we should put some faces to the names...

Jenny McLaughlan

Likes to think she is the one with all the ideas but secretly admits "The Hubster" also has the odd moment of clarity and genius! The brains behind the operation?!

Stuart McLaughlan

Calls himself CEO of Operations and Logistics, i.e. manages all our stock and tries to make sure we don't run out! He is also the voice of reason, who puts the brakes on our spending.. we have more ideas than time and money!

Maisie Moo

She helps (?!) put things in envelopes and also helps us decide on competitions we run and new colours we will bring out.

Miller Boy

The inspiration behind Gumigem, our original brand for teething babies. Rarely seen wearing 'normal' clothes, always dressed up! Helps us understand the importance of doing work at night, when he cannot be a cheeky monkey and interfere!


Our Social Media Marketing Manager, sounds very grand, but basically, she just likes chatting to folk on facebook etc...


Our Customer Relations Manager  -  the smiliest lady you will ever meet! Also loves a good chat! And always at hand to help with enquiries!