It’s GO GO GO!

Well finally the quality is right! And we are go for launch!

I am really pleased with the finish and have lots more ideas for future designs and colours, so watch this space. Its been a long slog, but very exciting to finally see and sell the finished article to lots of happy customers.

So despite the delay the run up to Christmas remains busy!

The real test will be next year when we are at the baby shows, please come and see us! We really want to engage with our customers so would appreciate feedback on styles, designs, and future colours for the seasons ahead! Also anyone who has a GUMIGEM, please send us a picture of you wearing it holding your baby for our gallery! Also please ‘like’ us on facebook, as people dont know these things exits so we need all the help we can get spreading the word so TEETHING WITH STYLE can reach the masses!

Dont foget, GUMIGEM is not just for mum, but any caregiver, granny, auntie etc!

I also want to develop this blog into a help forum for teething, where people can share whats working and whats not with the symptoms of teething. Would people find that useful?

Finally, all that remains is to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2011.

I look forward to sharing with you our news as it happens next year! xxx