Gumigem – a babies view

I was very excited to receive a parcel…

Mummy helped me open it, and to my delight, it was from the lovely people at Gumigem, and was full of things for me to chew!! My teeth have been ouchy lately, and I have been telling Mummy and Daddy at all hours of the night that I need extra cuddles to make it better.  I like to chew on anything of Mummy’s or Daddy’s …. their phone, keys, purse, jewellery, but they really don’t like me doing that, so I was extra pleased to find that my parcel contained a lovely bag with a phone, keys, credit card, and a purse.  It also had a necklace for Mummy and one for Daddy, which they said I can chew on.  This was such good news, because my teeth are trying to come through and need some help.


Mummy told Daddy that she had always found it hard to buy me teething toys because my hands are ‘delicately’ small and I struggle to hold them.  But Mummy’s friend had told her about Gumigem teething jewellery, so she decided to have a go.


I’m very glad that she did.  The first thing that I pulled out of the bag is a phone … My very own phone! I put it straight in my mouth.  I could hold it myself, which made me very happy because I am a very independent kind of baby.  Five minutes later, I was still chewing the phone.  I never chew anything for that long, but I enjoyed putting it in my mouth and taking it out again.  To my delight, the other items in the bag were just as good, but the keys, oh the keys … they are my favourite! Mummy has tried to buy me teething keys before, but they are always heavy, bulky, and too big so I cannot hold them myself.  But these keys were different – they are lighter, and made of silicone (like the rest of the toys), which I like much better than plastic.  Plus, I heard Mummy tell Daddy that they are easy to clean too because there are no fiddly bits.


When I had finished playing with my new toys I had a cuddle with Mummy.  It was around this time that I noticed Mummy looked different.  She had a new stylish necklace on.  I grabbed it.  Mummy didn’t tell me off.  I shoved it straight in my mouth.  It was just like my new toys … I could hold it and it made my teeth feel better.  The heart necklace had a hole in it that made it easy for me to hold… and Mummy looked very good wearing it.  Next, it was time for Daddy cuddles. To my amazement he had a necklace on too! Mummy said they were cleverly called ‘Dad tags.’  I put them straight to my mouth.  They were the perfect shape to get those teeth that were hurting, and again, I could hold them myself.  I am clever like that, you see.  What I like best about Mummy and Daddy’s new jewellery is that when we go out it is always there for me to play with and chew on.  It’s especially fun when I am my carrier because it is right there and I don’t have to worry about dropping it!


So it was a very good day today thanks to my package from Gumigem, so thank you very much! I like them so much that Mummy is going to buy some for my friend when he is born!