Guest Blogger Fiona Kyle & Amelia give their verdict on Gumigem!

Since launching Gumigem just less than 5 months ago, I have been astounded by the response from our customers.

It actually makes me really enjoy providing Gumigem and spreading the word about Teething with Style, so when Fiona Kyle volunteered to do a blog on her experience with Gumigem I was thrilled! Her blog really sums up why Gumigem is a must have for any mum with a teething baby! Thanks Fiona!

This is what Fiona wrote;

For my birthday I was given a beautiful necklace. It’s metal and made of big interlocking rings. I loved it immediately. So did my baby daughter. Every time I wore it, she chewed it or grabbed one of the rings and repeatedly banged the whole necklace (which is quite heavy!) against my chest. But I didn’t want to stop wearing it, I felt naked without any necklace at all! However, I could see teeth marks where she had been chewing it which made me worry that she was swallowing bits of whatever the necklace was made of so I abandoned it.

My daughter really struggles with teething. For my son it seemed to come so easily. Every now and then we looked in his mouth and were surprised to discover new teeth! But now it’s very obvious when some new gnashers are on the way. We use teething powder and gel and all sorts of teethers that can go in the fridge but that doesn’t top her chewing my necklace!

Then I read about Gumigem on the internet. I looked on the website and discovered a range of pretty heart-shaped necklaces made out of material which is entirely safe for babies to chew – designed for that very purpose! I struggled briefly with which colour to choose but was swayed when I saw that Denise Van Outen liked the purple and black one and decided on that. I really like purple anyway so it goes with nearly all of my clothes.

I was excited when it arrived and loved that it came in a delicate little drawstring bag. As soon as I put it on and picked up my daughter, she held it and started chewing it!

The first time I wore it out to a baby group I got three compliments on it – and that was just for how it looked. Once I explained what it was all of them thought it was a fantastic idea.

More recently, my baby has had a sicky bug. She loves chewing the Gumigem for comfort and I am so relieved to be able to put the necklace in the steriliser so it’s ok for her to have back the next day. And now she’s over the sicky bug, she’s teething again! It never stops!

I would really recommend Gumigem to anyone with a teething baby.