Dum Love!

I don’t really remember feeling the need to use a dummy first time around, to be honest I don’t really remember much first time around.

I don’t really remember feeling the need to use a dummy first time around, to be honest I don’t really remember much first time around.  It is very much a rose tinted bubble.  However, with having two, I suppose to cope with the unbelievable increase in noise from persistent crying or perhaps to take five minutes for a quick cuppa, a simple plug was all that was required and it did the job just grand!
The dentist of course was very disapproving, she was now three, and with every visit over the years, I assured her they were definitely going, but they never did.  It was her true devotee along with her blanket ‘KeeKee’ and came with us everywhere.  If forgotten we would make sure we about turned and picked them up, as without, created an incredibly bad atmosphere which inevitably would lead to my husband and I having a spat about whose fault it was forgetting them as our patience exploded.  But the question was just how to ditch the dummy???  I pondered… One of my best buddy’s had taken it away before her daughter turned two years old and apparently, if you are strong enough to hold out a couple of days that’s it, they forget about it.  Job done!  Oh to have had the strength to have tackled it back then, then it wouldn’t have given me such an anxiety thinking about it now.
With the lead up to Christmas someone mentioned Elf on a Shelf.  I jumped at the chance to do this for the girls as let’s face it,  I’m on count down now with how long my seven-year-old will still be a believer! I do hope I have another two or three years left :0(  Anyway the naughty Elf was up to all sorts in our household and it was mentioned that perhaps HE could be the one to do the deed and take the dummies away.  Could this work?? Could this little guy be my saviour!? The build up began and each day I re-iterated how all the new babies needed her dummies desperately and how much of a big girl she was getting with starting Pre-school she no longer needed them.  “I think its working” I excitedly told my husband.  She had been telling the Grannies that all the little babies needed them now and not her.  The day had arrived.  With all the distractions of Christmas Eve, I didn’t have enough time to think about the task in hand, with a quick flash of the camera for evidence, a picture was taken and poof they were gone.  In its place for every dummy was a Paw Patrol character which she adores!Today we have reached 3 weeks and 3 days since the naughty Christmas Elf took the dummies away.  I never thought it would be so easy.  She never talks about them or asks for them.  Whoever thought of that idea….Bloody Genius!