Denise Van Outen: Will it change everything?

I have always been a bit of a chancer, never anywhere by being that way, but always willing to give things a try!

So last weekend I thought… to hell with it! I know my necklaces are good! I know from the feedback I have had they are awesome and babies and mummies alike love them! But I am constantly faced with the challenge that no one knows that such a thing exist and so do not search for them. So I decided to start tweeting some celebs. Carefully chosen, either pregnant or with baby and people I quite liked!

I was blown away when Denise Van Outen tweeted back, saying please send her one! So I did! Having learnt from sending one off to A N Other celeb before christmas and it going missing in the post, my Hubby, dutifully sent it recorded delivery during his lunch hour! The woman at the counter, was beside herself with excitement and actually gently stroked and carressed the package. I included a personal letter and then got on with life, not really expecting much to happen!

It was Tuesday, my little boys first birthday and I was not having a good day. Work was manic and I was sad not to be with the wee man on his first birthday! We also had news about our childminder not being able to take the kids anymore on a Friday and with no family around to help, we were feeling a bit stuffed, as we only have 4 weeks to find an alternative! Also gutted because she is so fantastic with them! It just complicates life a bit but we will get it sorted! Kids in bed and day job finished I settled down to some twitter action, when this popped up on my screen!….

‘Just got a brilliant teething device for Betsy from @gumigem works a treat’

Well I just about wet myself! Went running through to hubby for a sense check! He confirmed yes, it did appear to be happening! I tweeted back instantly, thanking her so much and asking her if it was ok to mention she liked them and use her name etc on my website. She said YES! She also says that she plans to write about it in her baby column in Prima Baby magazine! Dont know for certain if that will happen but I could not have wished for more! She has been amazing and so lovely!

Within minutes orders came flying in and my hit rate on my website went up to 470, its usually 30 a day! I had about 48 followers on twitter and now have over 160! The power of the celeb!! You cannot buy that! That night despite needing to be up at 5am to catch the red eye for a meeting with my day job, I stayed up processing orders and making sure everyone got a fast, efficient and customer friendly service. Even when I finally hit the sack I could not sleep!

I have still not come down from it! But the wave came and peaked and things have started to slow again, but the feedback I have had from all the lovely people who bought one and took the trouble to let me know has been fantastic. Its also helped restore a bit of faith in human nature, I have met through twitter so many amazing , helpful and genuine people.

So I have total belief success is on its way, as the feedback speaks for itself and word of mouth is a powerful tool!

As if that was not enough, I then get a call on Friday, a local journalist had heard the story from ‘Not just ‘4 Kidz a local stockist of Gumigems and rang for the scoop! The photographer was booked and I woke up this morning to a picture of me, on page three of the Dundee Courier with my two kids holding Gumigems and a fantastic article! Hooray!

I cannot thank Denise Van Outen enough.