You Complete Mother-Fusser!

Sometimes it’s hard not to be a complete Mother-Fusser!

Over stressing about things that pre-motherhood were an insignificant blip on your daily routine.

Who knew you’d get so upset about not having the right teething toy to hand exactly when your baby demands it!

When did this happen?

It feels like there is an over saturation of 'good parenting' info thrust upon our already panicked minds. Instead of helping, this “Parenting Advice” seems to add layer upon layer of new worries!


The harsh truth is that all our kids really need is for us to remain cool, calm, collected, love them a lot and use some basic common sense.


Many of our readers’ babies have already grown up. If that's you, please do your duty and pass on your wisdom to some new parents you know.


If you have a baby right now, it does not have to be this hard, chill out and listen up!


Here is the simple truth that needs to be shared right now...


Chilled Parents Have Chilled Kids.


Don't take my word for it, think about your own experience.

When are your kids easiest to look after? When are they happiest? ... I bet you were feeling cool, calm and collected at the time?

How to chill out more?


It's hard.


But here's one simple Mum-Hack you can use to solve two common issues you might suffer when you enter Mother-Fusser mode.

I hope it gives you a little more quality time with your baby.


First, let me be frank.

You are carrying too much extra weight, but I don't mean around the hips!

The average changing bag has exploded in both size and weight!

You are heaving round a 10kg changing bag filled with at least 3 teething toys and countless other paraphernalia you hardly ever use!


Secondly, do your babies seem to like your favourite jewellery more than teething toys you spent hours selecting?

Apart from lost bracelet beads (that quite frankly could be seriously dangerous), broken clasps and bite marks, the fact your jewellery should not really be chewed - it’s your dam jewellery!


I know you love your kids, but seriously is there nothing you can keep for yourself? 🙂


Mums, now you can lighten the load in your changing bag and stop wrestling your jewellery from your babies’ grasp!

Original Gumigem™ Teething Jewellery has been designed to out-smart your babies!

Fool your babies into thinking they have swiped your stuff, when the truth is they have been totally duped into playing with a completely baby friendly, tooth friendly, non-toxic, dishwasher safe teether!

1 - 0 to Mum! Suckerrrrrrsssss!


Your changing bag will become that place of order and organisation you imagined it would be because now your Teething Jewellery is right at your fingertips.



This is a revolution!


You are going to feel like a cowgirl reaching for her pistol, twirling it round her finger and Pow! Baby has teether in hand.


For 7 years Gumigem™ has been the leader in what is essentially jewellery for you and a teether for your baby. Which means it’s always right where your baby needs it - on your arm or around your neck.


Some alternatives are available online, but if safety is important to you, be warned.

All Gumigem™ products are tested to EN71 Standards and are made with medical grade, non-toxic, dishwasher friendly silicone.

Gumigem™ is even available in Australia, who clamped down on 'teething jewellery' and banned a lot of Gumigem™ imitations as the pieces did not meet their tough standards. i.e. no small parts

But, look out! Our Teething Jewellery comes with a warning!


You may start to feel superior to the non-chewlery wearing mums.

You’ll see them struggling to search their changing bags to find a toy!


The stress across their faces as they scrabble to quickly find a teether for their little one as they descend into Mother-Fusser mode… don’t be too smug.

Being smug about Chewlery is a sure fire way to alienate your friends and we really don’t encourage it.

Instead, we encourage you to spread the word.


If you see someone having a Mother-Fusser moment, try extending a warm smile and offer to share your newly discovered Mum-Hack.

Mums, let’s not keep this a secret - we need all the support we can get!

It’s time to embrace the future and simplify life for you and your baby.

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That's 43% OFF!


Add the Jazz Pendant to your cart & Get the offer now!


Every Gumigem™ comes with a Moneyback Guarantee and now you can even send one as a gift to a Mum in need!

Seriously Mums, try this one tiny Mum-Hack and enjoy a few more minutes stress free parenting.


Jenny McLaughan
Founder & Frequently a complete Mother-Fusser!


PS. If you are already fully signed up members of the Chewlery Wearing Community! Please think back to your early Mum days! Do someone a favour and show them how you nailed Teething Toys by sharing this with them - thanks x


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