Christmas Madness

Ok, so I am new to this whole parenting game when it comes to Christmas!

Yes I have a two and a half year old and a ten month old, but this is really the first Christmas that my first born is aware. Her first Christmas she was just 6 months old and last Christmas 18 months, so although excited about it a year ago, it was an excited on the day event. But this is unbelievable! Understanding that time cannot be understood by young kids, I decided not to tell her anything about Christmas until close to the event.

All plans were foiled when she discovered the ‘snowman and father Christmas’ DVD and started to see Christmas trees about. Since then its been all we talk about! My usually sweet angelic little child is now wired to the moon and has been for weeks! I am demented! We have seen four ‘santas’ in various sizes, shapes and accents, debated long and hard about what santa does, how he does it, why he does it. We have the morning sherade of is it not Christmas day today? She bounces, jumps, and is just generally wired, busy and chattering non stop! My usually very chilled second born, has obviously picked up on her buzz and he has gone mental too!!

What happens next? Will she come crashing down? As she is soo excited she won’t sleep during the day and is exhausted! So will the perfect Christmas be ruined by a moody mare! I do hope not as I too am secretly very excited about seeing her face Christmas morning. In fact for the first time in years I predict I will not sleep well on Christmas Eve!

Then there’s the whole, will she actually go to bed and sleep well on Christmas Eve, she is usually excellent, but if she knows its Christmas day the next day, I am not sure what will happen. Which then begs the question, when is a safe time for santa to have paid his visit!

I am hoping this is all Christmas related, I have to confess, I love them dearly but they are now officially doing my head in! I just hope it is all to do with the excitement and not an expansion of the terrible twos!