How to Choose

Use our simple guide to help you decide what is right for you! Look for the key infomation below, which is listed in the 'Additional Information' section for each product.

Teething with Style!

To help you choose your Gumigem, you will find some handy icons, which are listed below. The descriptions can be found on the additional information tab for each product , meaning you can easily see if an item must be worn by the adult, or is safe to hand to baby for independant play. These icons are mainly for our jewellery and toys, but for toys please also note any age specific warnings.

Read more about them so you know what they mean and it will help guide you to making the right choice for you! If you are still unsure, then please get in touch. We are happy to help.

Helping you find your perfect Gumigem


Must be worn by an adult

Anything with this symbol MUST be worn by an adult and is NOT a toy. This applies to all our necklaces & pendants. The size and shape of each part is carefully designed to be large enough not to pass through a choke tube... but it is adult jewellery, with a cord and so poses a strangulation risk, as such it must only be interacted with when worn by an adult!

Break away clasp

All our necklaces come with a breakaway clasp as standard. This ensures that any strong tugs don't cause you discomfort and the necklace simply pops apart. It also makes it easy to adjust the length of the cord and reknotting the cord, to make the necklace sit as YOU like it. N.B clasp is NOT for chewing.

Safe to hand to Baby

Items with this symbol mean they are safe to hand to baby for independent play and do not need to be worn by an adult. These do class as toys and are perfect for developing hand eye co-ordination and the soft silicone makes it great for reducing pressure on sore gums and improving muscle tone.


Dishwasher & Steriliser safe

All our products are washable in either the top rack of a dishwasher, hot soapy water or steriliser. Silicone by its very nature can withstand very high and low temperatures and it does not promote the growth of bacteria.


All our products are totally non-toxic, so you can have peace of mind that there are no nasties! No phthalates, latex, lead, pvc! Just natural medical grade silicone rubber!