Chocolatte to go!

In the run up to Christmas I promised myself I wasn’t going to cave into giving my two girls chocolate calendars.

In the run up to Christmas I promised myself I wasn’t going to cave into giving my two girls chocolate calendars.  Instead I thought I would provide them with a fun filled Play-doh one which on paper sounded like a much better option.  Thinking of the aftermath of having to wean both of them off having Chocolate 24/7 was giving me a sugar induced headache!Day 1 – Excitedly I hand them over and they are thrilled to receive their advents, although my eldest is wondering what is a miss, “mum where are the chocolate ones?” Trying to explain to a 7-year-old that I decided we weren’t going to have chocolate for Breakfast didn’t go down as planned as to her and her sister this is what the run up to Christmas is all about – Chocolate for Breakfast!! But in fact, every moment of the day is CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!!!


I used to be so strict with sugar and my eldest, however over time I feel my judgement has become clouded and perhaps now it is I that is being led instead of being a strong leader to these little people. Day 15 – The Play-doh calendars are gone, for one thing having Playdoh out every single morning before Breakfast and school is an absolute challenge!!  And completely time consuming!  So I resort to pushing the boundaries, “lets open them once you come home from school” I see my eldest frowning, I don’t blame her, where is the joy in that I ask myself!?


In the end I revert to buying small chocolates for the tree so they can indeed have one first thing (as I promised myself they wouldn’t). The sheer joy on their faces is one I sadly cherish! So my efforts have failed miserably.  In my attempt of trying to stamp out a Chocolate Breakfast at Christmas I have inadvertently gone four steps back and its constantly by my side.  What was deemed a TREAT, is now a necessity for a harmonious festivity! So what now?? I have two very sugar addicted kids (and one husband) who don’t understand that too much results in highly emotional mood swings which I have to now manage.  I have only myself to blame, (and the grandparents who let’s face it just keep giving!!) I would like to think I am not alone and we are all on the same path to clarity, with our New Years Resolutions written, most probably the same as last year and the year before.

Will we make any changes? My guess is nope!