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Talking I don’t do.. so going to write it instead!

I am not a big talker about the things that really matter to me, the things that have hit deep down in my sole and heart, the things that have changed me and made me who I am today. Many of you will know that my little lad unfortunately got viral meningitis at 7 weeks old. I have spoken to you all about it and told you on the surface how it felt and what it meant, but I cannot bring myself to talk to anyone about it more than that, because when I do, almost a year on I
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Guest Blogger Fiona Kyle & Amelia give their verdict on Gumigem!

Since launching Gumigem just less than 5 months ago, I have been astounded by the response from our customers. It actually makes me really enjoy providing Gumigem and spreading the word about Teething with Style, so when Fiona Kyle volunteered to do a blog on her experience with Gumigem I was thrilled! Her blog really sums up why Gumigem is a must have for any mum with a teething baby! Thanks Fiona! This is what Fiona wrote; For my birthday I was given a beautiful necklace. It’s metal and made of big interlocking rings. I loved it immediately. So did
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The Hour – Live TV!

Followers of the Gumigem story will be aware that this Thursday 14th April, I will be live on Scottish television! The show is called The Hour and for those who don’t get Scottish television, its on every weekday night at 5pm. It’s a bit like The One Show and Michelle McManus is one of the presenters (the Scottish girl who won the xfactor a few years back!). Its been months in the making, I got a call almost immediately after we appeared in the local paper in February. I can recall the phone call as if it was yesterday. I
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Last weekend reminded me of how good a little sunshine can be! Having been stuck indoors for months with wind, rain and snow a little sunshine came to Dundee and we had a lovely afternoon….. I have always been more of a winter person pre children. I love the cold crisp mornings, walks in the rain and hiding in cosy jumpers. Since having two children I am slowly realising that summer is better. I have always disliked the heat, its easier to warm up than cool down in my opinion. The good weather brings out a whole host of bizarre
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Ok so you all know pretty much that Denise Van Outen tweeted about Gumigem, which was pretty amazing, no scrub that, utterly amazing! In subsequent tweets unprompted she said she would write about it in her Prima Baby column. I was chuffed to see this, but did not totally beleive it would actually happen. Granted I had everything crossed, fingers, toes, legs and eyes. But I knew there was a chance it might not happen. So I tried to push it to the back of my mind and crack on with life. I then received an urgent call asking for
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Night nappies or night terrors?

As well as having a teething baby, I also have a two and a half year old, who for the last 2 months has been dry in the day! Hooray! Apart from the occasional accident when she is excited or distracted…. I wonder when you take the plunge and take them out of nappies at night? I had always thought wait, but having spoken to a few folk, there seems to be a big divide in opinion. Option 1 – keep them in until they are quite a bit older and the nappy is consistently dry in the morning. Option
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Denise Van Outen: Will it change everything?

I have always been a bit of a chancer, never anywhere by being that way, but always willing to give things a try! So last weekend I thought… to hell with it! I know my necklaces are good! I know from the feedback I have had they are awesome and babies and mummies alike love them! But I am constantly faced with the challenge that no one knows that such a thing exist and so do not search for them. So I decided to start tweeting some celebs. Carefully chosen, either pregnant or with baby and people I quite
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The boy turns 1!

I know everyone says it when their baby turns 1, but how the hell did that happen? I am truly gobsmacked! In some respects it seems an age ago when I first held the little slimy wriggler. But I will never forget it! Just as I will never forget the first time I held my daughter, now two and a half! Its hard though now looking at him to remember how small he was. We had a really rough first year, plagued with illness. We nearly lost him at birth, then he got ecoli and then meningitis. So in many
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It’s GO GO GO!

Well finally the quality is right! And we are go for launch! I am really pleased with the finish and have lots more ideas for future designs and colours, so watch this space. Its been a long slog, but very exciting to finally see and sell the finished article to lots of happy customers. So despite the delay the run up to Christmas remains busy! The real test will be next year when we are at the baby shows, please come and see us! We really want to engage with our customers so would appreciate feedback on styles, designs, and
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