Babywearing – 6 Reasons for Dads

Baby Wearing is such a practical alternative when out and about with your baby. But did you know it’s not just for mums?!

Here are 6 Reasons for Dad’s to Baby Wear:

1. Bonding

It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality with your cutey.

2. Comfort

It’s comfortable and give s baby a chance to see the world from a different angle.

3. A Break for Mum

It gives mum a well deserved break from pushing a big bulky pram when out on a woodland walk or even around the shops.

4. Closeness

My wife breastfeeds and this gives me chance to have a closeness without skin to skin.

5. Naps

She naps happily without waking wondering where you’ve gone.

6. Hands Free

As it’s hands free we can go further afield and aren’t limited to only pathways.

“I just love watching her looking about jiggling her arms and legs and then dropping off without any persuasion”

Please follow the TICKS Rules for Safe Babywearing C/O UK Sling Consortium 

Image by Raoul Synman