Baby’s First Christmas – Expectation V Reality!

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, as they say and even more so now you’re a parent of a beautiful bouncing baby!

You are excited and have lots of wonderful plans to make this first family Christmas extra special. But we don’t half put pressure on ourselves, here is a list of the things we might consider for babies 1st Christmas Vs the reality of what it can be really like:


Festive Photo Cards


Expectation – As the nights draw in you start to think how cute it would be to send friends and family a festive greetings card with a picture of your little bundle of joy in a santa hat, smiling cutely or snoozing serenely


Reality – On the day of the shoot, baby has not slept and is grumpy. They scream as you squeeze them into their festive attire. It takes the very patient photographers’ ninja abilities, to position baby, and skillfully  ‘coo’ and ‘peek a boo’ like a maniac to get that all important shot. You can guarantee that image will results in one of the least joyful photos of all time. Don’t stress, it will make an amusing memory in years to come!

Festive PJ’s & Jumpers


Expectation –  Adorable cute little babygrows and cheesy Christmas jumpers that your baby will look picture perfect in.


Reality – You splash the cash on something which can only be worn for a month and your baby does not really care or notice, except when you force them into a hot, itchy festive jumper, which inevitably has a hole too small for their head. Tip – buy gender-neutral festive attire so you can use it again if you have another baby.


A stunning Christmas Tree 


Expectation – Your aim is to create a tree and festive home atmosphere that would rival a scene from a Charles Dickens movie. You get some ‘baby’s 1st Christmas Baubles and look forward to spending time, making sure the tree is perfect and you cannot wait for your baby to wake up and take it all in, with wide eyes and fascination.

Reality – Finding the time between feeding, changing, shopping, wrapping and all the other daily and additional tasks that arrive at Christmas is a real challenge, but your baby consistently naps for a few hours in the middle of the day, so that’s just perfect! You have the tree bought and the decorations looked out, You just need to crack on, which you do, as soon as baby goes down. Just as your putting the third bauble on the tree with Michael Buble, playing softly in the background, your shocked to hear faint crying… ‘it cannot be!’ your baby always naps well! But sure enough they wont settle and before you know it, baby is on the hip, while you attempt to continue the tree decoration. You do finish and its passable. However within days, baby has pulled off every decoration within a foot of the bottom of the tree and you succumb to the fact your tree will have a two tone effect, bottom half decoration free, top half, densely populated with festive delights.


Visiting Santa


Expectation – No festive season with a  child is complete without a visit to your local santa, and your excited to start this magical tradition with your new baby.  It will be exciting and adorable t see the big man holding your baby while their big eyes look up in fascination at the guy that will over the years, make their dreams come true.


Reality – Getting to see a santa is like trying to get a ticket for a sell out gig, you have been tipped off to book early. You arrive for your time slot and endure the long queue while chatting to some very unelf like looking dressed up spotty teenagers who are snapchatting inbetween talking to the kids about what they want for Christmas. Finally its your turn, you hand baby to Santa and baby takes one look and starts screaming the place down. Santa makes a lame attempt to comfort the baby and get a smile, the you are ushered out the door with a generic gift.

Christmas Presents:


Expectation : You have researched the toys that will have the biggest impact on your babies development and enjoyment, You have made sure you have them and they are not sold out, they are wrapped beautifully and you cannot wait for your little one to open them. Your also excited about the thoughtful gift your spouse will have got you, nothing big, just something that shows they appreciate you and all you do.


Reality: Baby  has a great time tearing off the paper, and enjoys the toys for a few moments before drifting back to the empty box and pile of paper.  Your smile politely and thank your spouse for the fluffy socks you got.


Ok, I could go on, and this is all tongue in cheek, so don’t go being a keyboard warrior, its for fun… but in all seriousness… don’t put any expectation on yourself, its not what you do, or the photos you capture, its about being there, in the moment and appreciating your first Christmas as a parent to this child. Chillax and enjoy!

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Image by Jacob Davies