Baby weight – can wait!

Baby weight & Festivities are a challenge…

Unless you are one of the lucky few, you’re bound to have a bit of excess weight post baby, perhaps some new stretch marks, saggy boobs and skin. Our society though, rightly or wrongly and in my opinion wrongly does put undue pressure on us ladies to try and look our best. However unless your one of these gym bunnies who exercised right up until week 38 of your pregnancy and was back in on the treadmill 3 days after birth or you are incredibly controlled… baby weight happens and sometimes stays. Christmas is a time with parties, events and lots of food, a time for joy and laughter, but if you are not comfy with yourself, it can be a time of great worry and upset.
If you are anything like me, how you look (and I am not talking glammed up to the max here) just how you feel in your own skin, is so important and affects everything. This is less about what others think, and much more about what we think, others think….we are unduly harsh critics, but we are all in the same sisterhood and really need to give ourselves and others a break.
I would have never said I would be one of those that would still be lugging around excess baby weight, but it happened; it kind of crept up and got out of control. I am certain I am not alone… I had become that classic ‘let herself go ’ type of woman. How, how, how did it happen? I swore it never would…

That goes hand in hand with a lot of other things I swore would never happen to me when I became a mother, such as letting my kids eat McDonalds, sounding like my own mother, and allowing a little too much TV time. Guilty as charged on all counts… so cuff me and send me down.
So weight happens and creeps on and life is so busy you hardly notice, but that awareness comes in waves, clothes too tight, buy another size, night out coming up and frantically finding something to wear that does not make you look like your so out of touch your in the last decade. That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach happens when each wave of realization hits, each time you dedicate a bit of time to thinking, enough now, I NEED to sort this out. I am walking stooped, not making eye contact, avoiding social situations, dreading being seen in a pool, or naked. It is a regular punch in the face, gradually eroding your self-esteem and self worth.
Christmas is approaching; you look at your diary in dread, kids parties, family meals, drinks with work, dinner with friends, houses full of quality street, chocolate orange and after eights. Whilst you look forward to all these events, you know it is just adding to the damage.

My advice… just stop, stop beating yourself up… I am out the other side now.. I have lost the baby weight, but I faced many Christmas’s like that. Avoiding being in photos with my kids, worrying about putting on weight, promising myself I was going to be good and then failing miserably, then eating more, because the damage was done. We are silly, but Christmas should be a time to be ‘here’ in the moment, in the photos your kids will treasure. Weight… can wait… I believe you will only take action when you have your real ‘enough now moment’ or maybe its more than one of those moments that build up to make a HUGE moment… but if you want it badly, that moment will come, you will take action and you will get yourself back.

You will walk tall again, enjoy making an effort, enjoy going out, enjoy the benefits of being healthier and setting an example to your kids. You can get YOU back… but do it for YOU! Not for anyone one else.
And if you see a friend struggling, feeling low, avoiding social situations and eating a multibag of crisps… don’t judge… be there, support and help. Now put weight loss to the back of your mind and go have some Christmas pud!