5 signs that your baby is teething


There are lots of questions that will punctuate your early parenting years. Should I/Shouldn’t I? Will they/Won’t they? Are they/Are they not?

Well, if the latest question on your lips is about whether or not your little one is teething, these signs might help you answer it…



Strong, toned arms

So long, bingo wings. Hello, uppers arms that Michelle Obama herself would be proud of. If those arms of yours haven’t been empty for a while as your wiggling, no longer giggling, offspring has claimed squatters rights, you might just have…a teething baby.



Tired eyes

Who needs a full set of Louis Vitton luggage? Not you, you’re rocking your very own brand of eye bags and, judging by their size, they will exhaust your full weight allowance. Has sleep eluded you for a while? You might just have…a teething baby.



Worn floor boards

Leave the Fitbit on the shelf, there is no question as to whether you are getting your 10,000 steps a day in as you pace the house with a screaming infant in tow. If your floor boards are getting creaky, but your bum is looking decidedly firmer, you might just have…a teething baby.



A messy house

Could your abode make Kim and Aggie gasp? Do Life of Grime episodes feel aspirational? If the sink is full, but the vacuum is not, you might just have…a teething baby.



An empty bed

Are your sheets still clean? They’re probably the only thing left in your house that is, right? If your bed has become more an ornamental item than a functional one, congratulations! You, my friend, have…a teething baby.



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