5 Ways to help your baby during teething

Babies can begin teething from anywhere between three and twelve months of age.  Although some babies are born with teeth so this is just a guide.

Teething can cause your baby to drool more and bite their fingers and toys as their gums become sore.  If you want to aid your baby through the teething process then follow these top tips.

1. Rub your baby’s gums

With a clean finger, rub your baby’s gums gently to help soothe them. You should find that this helps to comfort your child and ease the soreness for them.

2. Give your child safe objects to chew on

Let your child chew on safe objects like a teething ring to help with any soreness. If your child is eating solid foods then you could give them a vegetable like a carrot to gnaw on.  If your baby rejects these then offer a cuddle to comfort him or her.

3. Keep things cold

Anything cold will help to soothe your baby so try to keep teething rings in the fridge.  Don’t be tempted to store anything in the freezer as these could hurt your baby’s gums.

4. Teething gel

You could try putting teething gel on your child’s gums however, it may not stay in place if your baby is drooling a lot.  It’s best to ask advice from a doctor or pharmacist if you’re unsure about which gel to use on your child.

5. Try teething jewellery

Teething jewellery for you baby is definitely not ideal but did you know that you can purchase teething jewellery for yourself to wear? Silicone teething jewellery and toys like Gumigem’s are non-toxic and ideal for babies to chew on.  The necklace are a great distraction when baby is on mums knee or use the bangles or toys for independent chomping.