5 Truths About Father’s Day

1. No longer do we receive T-shirts that we would have worn and chosen pre-children. Now ALL T-shirt gifts involve your child’s favourite character.

2. Your Fashion rules are very much looser than pre-children and involve items you would never have considered before. For example I am currently sporting a bright neon rainbow belt with my jeans.

3. It is the one day of the year you can GUARRENTEE a morning lie in will NOT happen! In fact, how is that different to most days? Top Tip #dadnapsareok – NO – scrap that… #dadnapsareessential!

4. Perhaps it should really be called ‘Organised by the child’s mother for Dad day’ as lets face it that’s what happens! But guess that is not as catchy!

5. It is just another day… but it IS time to stop and reflect on your Dad journey, smell and hold your little people that bit closer, marvel at their enthusiastic awakening of you in the morning, revel in their delighted faces as you receive hand made cards and drawings, pause and take a screen shot in your mind, as next year, they will be that bit bigger.

photos by Kiley