5 Top Tips for a Romantic Valentines

The day is almost upon us where half of the population show their affection for a loved one by sending cards, flowers or chocolates. Around £1.3 billion is spent yearly with an estimated 25 million cards being sent!

Could Valentines day be exaggerated by the Card companies?? What really does this special day mean to many?

Here are my 5 top tips that don’t cost the earth and more romantic than shop bought goods:

1.   Cook their favourite meal – when someone you love takes the time to prepare your favorite meal it means they are doing this solely for your enjoyment.  This is very thoughtful and sets the right tone for the rest of the evening.
2.   Write a hand written letter to one another – time moves so quickly, when do we ever slow down and say/write something about one another.  Build that confidence of why you love each other and what makes the relationship special to you.  Read it out over dinner and really submerge yourself in each other and be present!
3.   No electronic devices – more often than not computers and phones are fired up all night every night, where has the interaction gone? Lock them away and enjoy that special home cooked dinner without any interruptions.
4.   Have a bath together – what is more romantic than a candle lite room, sensual bath oil and your loved one massaging your feet?

5.   Get personal – how much do you trust your other half to shave your beard? This requires a great amount of trust, but it can help to build trust between two people, too. Be patient with each other and let your partner teach you if you don’t already know.


Happy Valentines Day!