5 Reason to Babywear by Papoozle

Whether you have a tiny newborn, a little cuddle monster or an independent baby, babywearing is a great way to feel close, to get things done and to sneak some extra hands free cuddles into the day.

There are hundreds of reasons to babywear, but we have picked our top 5 to share.

The 4th Trimester

It is now widely accepted that there is such a thing as the fourth trimester.  After nine months curled up warm and cosy in the womb, the world is a big and scary place and babies need to experience it from the comfort of their parents still.  Babywearing helps them adapt whilst keeping the familiarity of the womb – baby feels cocooned, they can hear you heart beating and they are wrapped up against you.  They aren’t used to having to ask for food and having them close helps you interpret their clues and respond quickly.

Hands Free Hugs

Whilst it may feel like time is standing still and you just want to curl up with your newborn baby, sadly things still need to be done.  Dinners still need to be cooked, washing needs to be done (even more so with a tiny one) and babies don’t always want to be put down. The Papoozle means you can carry on with life whilst you and baby still get to enjoy those wonderful hands free hugs.

Out and About

Anyone who has travelled by public transport has a story about getting soaked by the rain waiting for the bus/ being late as there wasn’t space for the buggy or having to sit by the smelly toilets as that was the only space for the pram.  Babywearing means you can always fit on the bus and you can sit wherever you please.  You can even hold an umbrella to cover you and baby – not so easy when you are pushing a pushchair!

Teething Terrors

From post-jab poorly to teething trouble, babywearing is a great way to soothe your baby and help them get the rest they need to feel better.  Most babies can’t resist falling asleep once they are safely wrapped on your chest and when you know that is exactly what they need to get better it is great to have a sure way of settling them.  You may have to do the get to sleep dance if you are planning on staying at home – most parents know this one all too well!

More than One

If you have more than one child, especially if they are close together then babywearing makes life so much easier.  You can do a puzzle with a child, chase a toddler around the park or push a sibling on a trike or buggy whilst keeping your baby close and comfortable.  Older siblings need to not feel pushed out when a baby arrives and being able to look after baby hands free means you can still give them your focus and hands.  If this hasn’t convinced you then we don’t know what will!  Babywearing is ideal from newborn upwards and the papoozle is the ideal way to get hands free hugs with its supportive padded waistband, soft cotton and easy to tie shape.

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