5 Perfect Festive Gifts from Gumigem

We have Christmas covered…

The Breastfeeding mum:


Our pendants make wonderful breastfeeding accessories,  a convenient pendant for mum to wear, that looks stunning and is always to hand. It works for baby too, as little hands wander while having a good snuggle and a feed, it gives them something to squeeze and hold onto while they have their feed, saving hair from being pulled and chests from being scratched. One of our best-loved breastfeeding pendants is the eternity pendant. Its simple shape is elegant and easy for babies to hold, on a complimenting soft cotton cord and with a breakaway clasp for comfort. Just 13.45 available here, in a range of colours.


The Babywearing Mum:


Know someone that loves to babywear? Our nurture pendants echo that lovely bond in their stylized design. Easy for baby to grab and hold, giving them something to fiddle with, while in the sling.  A polished finish give them a realistic stone like look, but in our non-toxic super soft silicone, they are great for chomping on too. At £13.45 these make a lovely gift, browse our colours here.

The baby on the move:


When the time comes for babies to crawl and waddle they may become less interested in sitting on your knee and instead prefer a bit of independence. Then why not get them a set of bangles.  These can be worn and then slipped off and handed to baby, they love to squeeze them and chomp on them, and they are also great for reaching those pesky molars. It makes a perfect dual gift for mum and baby. And we have a fab deal on a set of three Bijoux bangles just now, these have great texture and bumps for aching gums, while look just beautiful on mum, available here for just £21.00.

The water Baby:


Know a baby that just loves bath time? Well our Bubba Bag – Bath is perfect! Its totally different to other bath toys, each item is solid silicone meaning it will sink, not float and so helps develop spatial awareness and hand eye co-ordination.  As they are solid you do not get any mould build up either, so no nasty black stuff floating in the bath. The bag itself is made of silicone with drain holes so can create hours of fun with baby filling and emptying the bag as well as watching the water drain. Each bag comes with a handy suction hook for hanging on your tiles too ad 4 cute sea related items in each bag in bright eye catching colours. It’s also a perfect toy for the pool or the beach. At just £22.95 it’s a gift that keeps on giving, shop here


The foodie Baby:


We have recently introduced our range of adorable bibs. Not only are they practical (lightweight and easy to roll up into a changing bag, washable and non toxic) they are just too adorable! We have 2 sets available, each containing 2 bibs.  They have bright colours and embossed detail to make your baby either ‘Dapper’ or ‘Bling’! Just £9.95 here.