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The Nightmare of Teething

Teething; the word that drives horror into the heart of seasoned parents and trepidation to the minds of new. Usually teething starts to begin just after you have managed to survive the crazy newborn stage and just as your life is beginning to fall into the pattern of the new normal. For some lucky few it can begin even before this.  For most just as your chuckling cherub has overcome colic, your velcro baby has become a little less clingy, the teething begins. An abhorrent evil and/ or an ingenious excuse? Now the true magic of teething is that all
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Why I want a home birth this time….

So... I was one of those lucky ones I know you all hate... relatively quick first labour, no pain relief (I left it too late to get to hospital so even showing me how to use gas and air was taking too much time!) and only a winnie baby, at 6lb2, to pop out. Like most first timers, we diligently went to NCT classes. I found them a bit wishy washy for me but I did take a way a few pointers - mostly stay at home for as long as possible - you will be more comfortable if you're
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You Complete Mother-Fusser!

Sometimes it’s hard not to be a complete Mother-Fusser! Over stressing about things that pre-motherhood were an insignificant blip on your daily routine. Who knew you’d get so upset about not having the right teething toy to hand exactly when your baby demands it! When did this happen? It feels like there is an over saturation of 'good parenting' info thrust upon our already panicked minds. Instead of helping, this “Parenting Advice” seems to add layer upon layer of new worries!   The harsh truth is that all our kids really need is for us to remain cool, calm, collected, love
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