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Baby weight – can wait!

Baby weight & Festivities are a challenge… Unless you are one of the lucky few, you’re bound to have a bit of excess weight post baby, perhaps some new stretch marks, saggy boobs and skin. Our society though, rightly or wrongly and in my opinion wrongly does put undue pressure on us ladies to try and look our best. However unless your one of these gym bunnies who exercised right up until week 38 of your pregnancy and was back in on the treadmill 3 days after birth or you are incredibly controlled… baby weight happens and sometimes stays. Christmas
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5 Perfect Festive Gifts from Gumigem

We have Christmas covered… The Breastfeeding mum:   Our pendants make wonderful breastfeeding accessories,  a convenient pendant for mum to wear, that looks stunning and is always to hand. It works for baby too, as little hands wander while having a good snuggle and a feed, it gives them something to squeeze and hold onto while they have their feed, saving hair from being pulled and chests from being scratched. One of our best-loved breastfeeding pendants is the eternity pendant. Its simple shape is elegant and easy for babies to hold, on a complimenting soft cotton cord and with a
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