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5 Truths About Father’s Day

1. No longer do we receive T-shirts that we would have worn and chosen pre-children. Now ALL T-shirt gifts involve your child’s favourite character. 2. Your Fashion rules are very much looser than pre-children and involve items you would never have considered before. For example I am currently sporting a bright neon rainbow belt with my jeans. 3. It is the one day of the year you can GUARRENTEE a morning lie in will NOT happen! In fact, how is that different to most days? Top Tip #dadnapsareok – NO – scrap that… #dadnapsareessential! 4. Perhaps it should really be
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5 Top Finds At The Babyshow

We can’t believe it’s been a week since The Baby Show finished! We had an amazing weekend.  It’s always refreshing to meet our customers in person especially those of you that we speak to regularly via email or social media.  We also love networking with other businesses and meeting other business owners and staff.  We won’t lie when we say the fact that we have 3 childfree nights in a hotel with good food, beer and company is also a big appeal! We get to meet celebs and we really get to showcase our products. Whilst walking around the show
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