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My Hospital Bag

In 2012, I launched myHospitalBag.  It was an idea I had thought about for a few years.  I’d always had a secret desire to create my own business and knew once I started having kids life would become very different!  Here is my story…. When I was pregnant with my first child, I began to collect pregnancy magazines.  My maternity leave began & I excitedly laid out all the magazines and spent my first week putting together what was to become known as “my baby bible”. This “bible” contained everything I needed for the arrival of my baby – what
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Babywearing – 6 Reasons for Dads

Baby Wearing is such a practical alternative when out and about with your baby. But did you know it’s not just for mums?! Here are 6 Reasons for Dad’s to Baby Wear: 1. Bonding It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality with your cutey. 2. Comfort It’s comfortable and give s baby a chance to see the world from a different angle. 3. A Break for Mum It gives mum a well deserved break from pushing a big bulky pram when out on a woodland walk or even around the shops. 4. Closeness My wife breastfeeds and this gives
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Maternity Classes – A Dads Experience

“Your baby crowning will be like the opening of a flower” said the midwife. I am no horticulturalist but I suspected this was bull####. I was nervous at the thought of a birthing class beforehand and it wasn’t being helped by this hippie who looked like Mama Cass, smelt like cats and, apparently, combed her hair with a hot twix. If this was the best the NHS could offer I thought it best to wait until my wife’s waters broke and head straight to the nearest Vetinary Clinic. Never had I felt so ill qualified for the role I was to
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