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Gumigem – a babies view

I was very excited to receive a parcel… Mummy helped me open it, and to my delight, it was from the lovely people at Gumigem, and was full of things for me to chew!! My teeth have been ouchy lately, and I have been telling Mummy and Daddy at all hours of the night that I need extra cuddles to make it better.  I like to chew on anything of Mummy’s or Daddy’s …. their phone, keys, purse, jewellery, but they really don’t like me doing that, so I was extra pleased to find that my parcel contained a lovely
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Preschoolers don’t bully

Worry…. That second you see the blue line on the pregnancy test you start, you worry, and it never stops. However there are some worries you think you can put off for at least 12 or 13 years, such as bullying. Almost all of us have experienced some sort of bullying, usually in high school and bullying has contributed to many mental health issues in adults. As a parent, you worry that the sweet perfect child in your arms could become a victim of bullying, but not yet, no, they are tiny, and you think you won’t need to worry
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Cleft Lip – Part 2 Post Birth

Once we got home we had to get wee man no.2 weighed every week for 6wks and Jenny would call us every week to get an update… He was able to use standard bottles when we got home which was good as I had ended up with about 10 (planned ahead for expressing knowing I had struggled with breastfeeding wee man no1)! At 5wks old we got our first smile from him, and what a smile it was! It was a huge wide grin and the picture we got remains one of my favourites of him.  At 6wks we visited
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