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Cleft Lip – Part 1 Pregnancy & Birth

So January 2012 I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2…. We confirmed dates with the Dr and then told close family.  A couple of weeks later I had the house to myself so decided on a mid afternoon bubble bath.  While it was running I sat at the computer when I felt a gush. Only being around 7wks gone I knew it had to be blood so took myself off to the bathroom whilst phoning the OH at work.  Phoned the hospital who got me to come in and see the consultant.  On the way to hospital
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Colic & Reflux

Let the sick commence!! At the end of May 2014, we were blessed with a little man we call the Bear – also known as Monkey, Nut-job and oh Charlie.  He was perfect in every way, pink and wrinkly with big eyes and a tongue that seemed to stick out all the time (and it still does).  We brought him home and I genuinely felt the most amazing wave of emotion I have ever felt – true, unconditional, unbreakable, love.  After about 2 weeks of feeding, sleeping and changing we had started to get into a little routine and then…..well
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Breastfeeding with Gnashers

Breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally to everyone and it can be hard work sometimes, especially in the early days. So what about when you also have to contend with teeth…. Now the average age that teeth start to appear is around six months but we don’t all fit into the ‘average’ category now do we? Even if this was the case, many dedicated breastfeeding mums continue way past six months so teeth must be an issue for lots of mums. With my first child I exclusively breastfed for six months and her teeth started appearing just as our breastfeeding journey was
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