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Gumigem – shortlisted for 2 Loved by Parents Awards!

We’re so pleased to see we have been shortlisted in not one but 2 categories for the Loved by Parents Awards. Last year we proudly got a silver, we would not have managed that without you. Now we need to call on you again for help! It would mean the world to us to win as we’re up against some huge name brands. If you love us, please show your support and vote for us to win! Simply enter your name and email address, and then to vote for us you just need to enter the category and then the
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The Power of women, my first birth

The energy in the room was incredible, electric yet peaceful. Time had slowed down, like the world had to stand still to allow another life into it. I looked at this new life’s mother, power surging through her, I have never seen strength like this, primal strength, the strength a lioness has for her cubs. There was a softness too her. Then there was life. I had always wondered what my first birth as a doula would feel like. If I truly was made for this? My one and only goal was to always ensure the mother new I believed
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