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‘Yes Day’ – The verdict!

So it was a bit nerve wracking this morning, waiting to see how the day might unfold! But exciting too!……. For those that have not read the last post, today was about saying YES to all our childrens requests! In all the day went well and I would definitely do it again, it was fab just to cease everything and focus solely on them. But I was not perfect despite trying to be! The day started with a ‘Can I have a biscuit for breakfast?’ they ask this every morning and obviously we say no, but today we said yes! Their
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Hi All! Long time no blog! So sorry, I promise to be better. It is quite hard this blogging malarkey, you wonder if anyone is really interested in what I have to say? Plus the time it takes. We run our business ourselves, with the little folk about, so usually we are lucky if we get 2 hours in the morning whilst they are at preschool and the time from their bedtime to our bedtime, so to say we are flat out, is a HUGE understatement!So what has sparked this sudden decision to write something? Well, exactly the above. We
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