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Guest Blogger Fiona Kyle & Amelia give their verdict on Gumigem!

Since launching Gumigem just less than 5 months ago, I have been astounded by the response from our customers. It actually makes me really enjoy providing Gumigem and spreading the word about Teething with Style, so when Fiona Kyle volunteered to do a blog on her experience with Gumigem I was thrilled! Her blog really sums up why Gumigem is a must have for any mum with a teething baby! Thanks Fiona! This is what Fiona wrote; For my birthday I was given a beautiful necklace. It’s metal and made of big interlocking rings. I loved it immediately. So did
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The Hour – Live TV!

Followers of the Gumigem story will be aware that this Thursday 14th April, I will be live on Scottish television! The show is called The Hour and for those who don’t get Scottish television, its on every weekday night at 5pm. It’s a bit like The One Show and Michelle McManus is one of the presenters (the Scottish girl who won the xfactor a few years back!). Its been months in the making, I got a call almost immediately after we appeared in the local paper in February. I can recall the phone call as if it was yesterday. I
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