10 Realistic New Years Goals

Don’t get too ambitious when making your NY resolution.  At least 40% will break theirs before January is through.

Our downfall in this is that we make the wrong ones and that is why we can’t see them through.
·      Why do we make so many??

·      Why do we copy our friends??

·      Why are we so hard on ourselves when we give up or break them?

Goals in every aspect of your life shouldn’t be quick fixes i.e. the dreaded diets?! But should reflect a positive life style change that is manageable and achievable.

My goals will be:
1. Try and wean my kids of sugar – this will be a slow drawn out process, going cold turkey will just not work
2. Teach them both to ride bikes – thinking back to my childhood I went everywhere on mine
3. Get fitter and make healthier choices – I have started drinking Turmeric Tonics Apparently Turmeric is the new Super Food – it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant
4. Do something spontaneous with Hubby
5. Read more books – last one I read was Girl on a Train and loved that!
6. Pick two items off my bucket list, no matter how big or small, and resolve to complete them before year’s end.
7. Don’t loose the plot when the kids push your button – count to ten and walk away graciously instead of acting out like a hyena

Now a few for the kids which will help with 7.

8. Implement kids do not fill every room with toys and pick up after themselves

9. Try to get them to eat new foods – reluctantly my eldest only enjoys beige food, so set a weekly challenge or getting her to experiment more

10. Start up Super Sundays with the kids, out for a family walk, movie then Sunday lunch with board games and copious amounts of wine :0)

Whether your Goals are to visit a new place, meet new people, or enjoy quality family time hopefully this list will helps me focus on what makes me happy and continues to make me a better person for my family.

Happy New Year!