Teething with Style!

Perfect for Breastfeeding, Babywearing & Teething!
For Mum to wear & Baby to enjoy!

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New Collection!

We listen, we evolve, we improve... check out our new range now! We have 5 new necklace collections and an adorable new bangle! Look for The Jazz, The Gem Collection, Zen Stones, Nurture and Spinner, plus the Bijoux bangle in our shop. Each collection has 3 striking colours to choose from - which is 18 new things to ponder...What will you 'chewse'?! There is a Gumigem for everyone!

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Beautiful Bangles

Perfect for independent play.

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Teething Toys

that babies REALLY want to sink their teeth into!

" My kid loves the feel of the silicone both in his hands and between his teeth, and I love the way they look. People are always stopping me to ask me where I bought my necklace or bracelet, and I make sure to tell them. We've been using gumigem since the day he was born and even I chew on them to alleviate my bruxism (Te