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Check out the latest Bubba Bag  - a Pirate loot bag full of fabulous chewable items to help those teething troubles, a long lasting toy that works for toddlers as a toy in its own right as well as teething babies!



My grandchildren were attracted to jewellery I wore particularly shiny coloured pieces. I found out most jewellery have minerals children should not be chewing hence the reason to buy gumigems.

I have pendants and bracelets to wear when with my grandchildren and I also have gumigems and bubba bags in my house for them to play with. I am so impressed that I buy gumigems for any family or friends with new babies.

Helen Goldsworthy

Gumigem necklaces are fantastic to wear whilst breastfeeding. My little boy used to grab and nip but when wearing a gumigem necklace he had something else to hold onto x

Joanne Kilgour

My kidlet loves the feel of the silicone both in his hands and between his teeth, and I love the way they look. People are always stopping me to ask me where I bought my necklace or bracelet, and I make sure to tell them. We've been using Gumigem since the day he was born and even I chew on them to alleviate my bruxism (Teeth grinding/clenching) because it really does work (I'm sat here now chewing on my peacock necklace!).

Amie Webster

Gumigem have been part of our lives for 3 years now. Seen us though sleepless nights and teething for so long that there now part of my Jewellery collection by choice. My kids and I love them so much. Thank you

Suzanne Giles-Pulley

I'm always getting complimented on my Gumigem necklaces - usually followed by surprise and delight when people realise what they're made out of and what they're for. They look so beautiful, nobody guesses they're so great for little ones to chew! Also my littlest has decided they're an excellent thing to play with while breastfeeding - which, thankfully, means he's not grabbing my skin, hair or clothes

Georgina Wendall

All the products we have had are of a high quality and the customer service is top class!! We love moozels clothes!

Luke Woodhouse

They made me feel (and still do) like a Glamorous mummy- everybody complimented me on my fabulous accessories. But in fact they saved me from scratchy little nails while breastfeeding my boys.

Jack Sutherland

Love the clothes by Moozels! My daughter has a light up tutu which she loves to wear and my son has a fireman babygro x


I tried everything to help my daughter with her teething. Unfortunately she has an allergy to high citrus fruits so kids paracetamol and ibuprofen can't be used. I bought a Gumigem necklace in an offer you were running and it was a a miracle worker! She hated all the other teething toys/aids but my Gumigem necklace was an instant hit. The softer format was much kinder on her gums and the fact that she could grab it whenever she wanted when having cuddles meant she could use it immediately when she needed it.

Kaz Lumb

Bangles, Necklaces, and bubba bags have been great for my little ones when teething! They are fantastic for little hands and suit all stages of teething, also for keeping little ones entertained. They have also made fantastic presents for friends.

Claire Higgins

My son loves playing with jewellery when he Is being held by someone that is wearing any. And he fiddles a lot with clothing when he's tired or irritable. Gumigem were an ideal choice for myself and more importantly my son. While wearing Gumigem products my jewellery or my clothes don't get broken or stretched as my son loves the feel of the necklaces. He also loves to chew on the bangles too. Not only that, I have received a lot of compliments on my choice of jewellery too! I have quite a few different products from this company now and I have recommended Gumigem to every parent and child carer that I know. Not only that the team are so easy and lovely to talk to should you need to. I look forward to seeing what other products that they come out with in the future smile emoticon

Kimberely Simmons

Gumigem provided me with a touch of glamour after sleepless nights. With my Gumigem I always had a toy and teething aid literally on my person even when I was far too tired to be organised to pack things. I love my collection of Gumigem and can't wait to use them again with baby number 3. I plan on passing them on to my daughters when they are older for me they are a real symbol of our physical closeness during those early years. Bravo Gumigem x we love you

Laura Heath

Gumigem the safe non toxic teething gems that saved this mummy's sanity. Without our bubba bath bag and our bangles I don't know what I would do. My little girl wouldn't take any other teething toys. Always get them as gifts for new parents and they are loved by my autistic boy as well.

Liza Yates

We've used Gumigem for the last year or so. Our 16 month old absolutely loves them and so does Mummy. We've got around 15-20 different items from necklaces and bangles to bubba bags and individual teething toys. I always have a few in my handbag or change bag so that he can pick and "chews" what he wants depending on what's bothering him. I now recommend them to everyone that has a baby in their life as they have been the only thing that will calm him a lot of the time. I get lots of nice comments on my multifunctional jewellery too.

Emma Jayne McFarlane

I love love love my necklaces & bangles & so does my one year old. They got me through a wedding by distracting him & helping prevent a meltdown! We bought the bubba bag because we like the remote but now he's old enough to enjoy the bag too it's so cute watching him unpack it, change the channel then make a phone call & repack it! It's definitely top of my gift list for new parents. Thankyou!

Kirsty Edwards

I haven't been kicked in the face half as much since getting my Gumigem necklace!

Cat Holden

Just got a few bits for my 2 nearly 3 year old he's 2 year molars are coming through and wanted something to try stop his bad habit of biting his nails, didn't want any of the normal teething toys you can buy in shops as their too babyish and as he is tall for his age in size 4-5 year cloths so needed something bigger and I'm so impressed their big so he can't fit the whole thing in his mouth, well made and he's taken to them, the tape measure is great as he can nibble the tape bit instead of his nails and even better I can clean and sterilise them for my 2 month old when he starts teething might have to buy a few more of the toys and love the crowns way bigger than I thought they would be one very happy mummy right here!

Emma Brown

I ordered my necklace yesterday morning and it has arrived this morning. Amazing service. I've just done my first feed with it on and my little girls has happily drifted off to sleep fiddling with it.. No scratching or pinching! Thank you. I love the necklace, something I will happily wear and it's nice to be able to wear a necklace again without worrying about little one chewing on it or pulling it off xx

Becky Manning

Gumigem are fantastic !!

Quick delivery, brilliant customer service, very active on social media and a nice clean, fresh and easy to work website - all of which I find very encouraging when using an online company.

I have bought a few different things for both my sons including teething jewellery, the chunky pretend keys and I've also been lucky enough to win a beautiful black teething necklace which is our current favourite

Donna Hall

What great lovely products for both baby and mums, I love my necklaces they look great and baby loves them to. The toys for baby are well made and are fun for baby as well as helping with the teeth. Defiantly would recommend to friends and family and they are also make gifts xxx

Emma Ormshaw

We have various Gumigem items all of which are well loved and well used! We especially love the bubba bag with the tools. My daughter is often spotted crawling around at top speed, carrying the saw in her mouth like a puppy! Excellent speedy delivery too! Thank you.

Stacey Rogers

I won a wave bangle recently in a competition and all I can say is WOW where has Gumigem been all my life! What a fantastic idea, I love the fact I can wear it on my wrist and Beth can play with it whilst sitting on my lap or I can hand it to her to play with by herself, its very flexible and she absolutely loves it, I may well have to invest in a necklace now too! thank you

Cheryl Dodd

My little one absolutely loves my earth bangle I bought for her she happily chomps on it for hours, better than any teether I've bought! Think I may buy another soon to keep at home, this ones left in the changing bag so it's handy to use when out an about, it came in a little plastic purse which is great for when your out 5⭐️

Jodie Hughes-Coppins

Great products. I currently have nine pieces of Gumigem jewellery (it's cheaper than gold and better for my kids' teeth and gums!) They have some great designs so there's something for every outfit. I'm always being complemented on them (especially the Purple Heart).

They also just held the best competition ever - I'd have spotted spelling mistakes, etc, for nothing! Heheh.

With a toddler who still likes to fiddle and a 9mth old who is teething I'll be buying and wearing gumigem for the foreseeable future!

Donna Blakey

I have a good collection of gumigems now, love all of them! Brilliant service and great products, always recommend them 😊

Cat Medway

Beautiful jewellery, so good that my mum thought it was just 'normal' jewellery! Great quality, super fast delivery, I think they'll be very well used by my little girl! Definitely recommend to anyone with teething babies!

Beccy Seddon

What a simple but amazing, low cost idea!!! Mine just arrived today after only 2 days. It's beautiful and my husband said it looks like a normal necklace and I could wear it long after its needed! After my bubba constantly chewing on my clothes, this is the perfect solution! Very pleased. Thank you!

Julie Henman

Fab teething toys. First teething toy my 9 month old son will actually chew. He loves them. They also work so well because they look like something they shouldn't have! Love the tape measure & remote.

Joanne Lightburn

Over the moon once again, I've currently got a few things and I can't praise you enough. My little boy loves it all it, definitely getting more!! Just don't tell my hubby

Natalie Lauder

I just received a dusk spinner and phone and the baby loves them! Thank you!

Frances Wong

Brilliant products and excellent customer service - had a minor issue placing my order, so I sent an email which got a response straightaway and problem was quickly resolved. Highly recommended!

Helen Cathro

Got these as a gift for my wife and wow it earned me some brownie points! Such a simple idea, real novel and different gift, but thoughtful too as considers both the mum and the baby... my wife loves it for the cuddles when she wears it, as our little one loves to mess about with it while sitting on her knee! 

S McDonald

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